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MØ - Deal Breakers & Day Drinking: A Dream Date with MØ -
Published: 3 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 3 months ago

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Those who’ve paid attention to Danish singer MØ know that she has a way with killer hooks. From her solo work to key collabos with Diplo, Snakehips, Elliphant and others, she’s made a big mark on the dance pop landscape in the last few years. To kick off our ‘Dream Date’ series, we had Vevo’s Kim Taylor Bennett bounce around NYC’s East Village with the singer. Together they tried on clothes at Trash and Vaudeville, had a heart to heart about the rigors of romance in Tompkins Square Park and discussed her upcoming music while sipping a cocktail at Dream Baby.

Producer: Kim Taylor Bennett

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Mike Miller
Mike Miller 5 days ago
Cats are a dealbreaker for me, but the other way around! Cat allergy...

Kris Gaytko
Kris Gaytko 6 days ago
MØ has mad sex appeal in my book.

Leo Zhou
Leo Zhou 7 days ago
Including cashmere cat? xD

Sushant Chaudhary
Sushant Chaudhary 2 weeks ago
I ❤ Moomin too 😻

Kasper Payne
Kasper Payne 2 weeks ago
She's so sweet

LDS Drive
LDS Drive 2 weeks ago
MØ has such a potty mouth. LOL

Chace Michael
Chace Michael 2 weeks ago
is this christian bale?

MrColeBeans 2 weeks ago
What an awesome video :)

ProjectLifeCommand 2 weeks ago
MØ, is it possible for a song writer to write songs for artists and record labels, without performing their own material first, and without being signed onto any record labels? Seems like the entire music industry is fixed, even with independent artists.

katkom 2 weeks ago
she has vampire teeth

katkom 2 weeks ago
it's mooooo🐮

katkom 2 weeks ago
it's mooooo

cheese man
cheese man 2 weeks ago
her accent is sexy af

Brad Pearson
Brad Pearson 2 weeks ago
MO has very great songs and is very powerful.

Ladale Lee
Ladale Lee 2 weeks ago

Ghebrehiwet 2 weeks ago
1:05 A norwegian did the beat, a danish sang on it...Scandinavians is kicking your ass.

abduri X
abduri X 2 weeks ago
Why the f*** would somebody unlike it?

Melody Chuks
Melody Chuks 2 weeks ago
I love this woman. Love you MOMOMOYOUTH 👏

BrittKatSlat 3 weeks ago
Mø!!! 💚💛💚💛💚

sinfulltears 3 weeks ago
Omg she is adorable.

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