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DJ Khaled - The World According to DJ Khaled -
Published: 3 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 3 months ago

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The World According To DJ Khaled (Vevo)

DJ Khaled has had a wild year, with his 'Grateful' album rocking the charts and his "I'm the One" video clocking more than 800M views. When he came by to shoot 'The World According To," he filled us in on some of his favorite stuff, like the pillows in his bedroom. And he also told us about how many personal items he packs when he's rolling to a tour date in the van.

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Illustration and Animation: Andy Baker
Executive Producer: Joseph Patel
Producers: Jayson Rodriguez, Lori Schmon
Camera Operator: Cameron Robert
Editor: Kevin Rose
Sound Design: Michael Levesque Jr.
Production Coordinator: Hailey Rovner


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DJ Khaled

Nadir Almarzouki
Nadir Almarzouki 1 month ago
Your Lucky you will rot in your grave before the world collapses. "Oh La La La".. Display your pillows when you face God post current life. Your Filthy rich you did not solve your physique your fat as mother fucking nigger from Kentucky fried chicken state. Never sell yourself as an American you don't look American. Your Name is not American.

Nickson Kyegon
Nickson Kyegon 1 month ago

ruisu 2 months ago
Your son can be bigger than u but, not in da music industry. The only way his son can get bigger dan Khalid is by Weight getting Fatter dan his daddy. Lol got em

TurnipTeo 3 months ago
Then he finds out Purple beds exist

Tanini 3 months ago

Jayden Tyrell
Jayden Tyrell 3 months ago
*DJ Khaled* is and amazing father, I have a son of my own and I love him to bits

Riia Luhtanen
Riia Luhtanen 3 months ago
Baby stuff too :)

Riia Luhtanen
Riia Luhtanen 3 months ago
Great pillows, many for you to customize, would be found in

Newt Origami
Newt Origami 3 months ago
wow what an ego, thanks for all your world insights as you live in your mansion and dress with a champion jogging suit.

Wear Montgomery
Wear Montgomery 3 months ago
some royalty's,beddings%!;?

Wow 3 months ago
Just realised why they haven't turned the title into an acronym.

Cindy Brown
Cindy Brown 3 months ago
Yasss truly.

Šâśükè Ūçhîhã
Šâśükè Ūçhîhã 3 months ago
Pillow fight

Newt Origami
Newt Origami 3 months ago
life perspectives from this guy, with everything going on in the world ur gonna listen to this a corporate produced drone- see his commercials for products hes selling,

Julian Kent
Julian Kent 3 months ago
I hate you you big fat nigger

Leah Alaniz
Leah Alaniz 3 months ago

Dor Gado #TRB
Dor Gado #TRB 3 months ago

Prized Chaser
Prized Chaser 3 months ago
Whose here before 25k

AA-ron M. Paskell
AA-ron M. Paskell 3 months ago
4 minutes of a DJ giving us life perspectives and he isn't even a DJ smh and lmao 😒😂

Rymes Donn
Rymes Donn 3 months ago
A guy made music and video by himself for no cost ..appreciated when i asked him.look here

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