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Liam Payne - :60 With Liam Payne -
Published: 3 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 3 months ago

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:60 With Liam Payne

Liam Payne has been impressing fans with his latest string of songs, including “Strip That Down,” “Bedroom Floor” and his Zedd collabo, “Get Low.” He’s finalizing his first solo album, which is due soon. Running down our rapid-fire interview with Vevo’s Priya Minhas, the 24-year-old superstar told us who he’d like to have play him in a movie, his favorite place in London, and the beauty of relaxing and watching “rubbish television.”

Producer: Priya Minhas

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brmm brmm
brmm brmm 2 weeks ago
I love liammm😍😍😍❤❤

Susanna Thornton
Susanna Thornton 4 weeks ago
Harry couldn't do this it would take him a whole minute to answer the first question 😂😂😂

Dara Assiak
Dara Assiak 4 weeks ago
He is so adorable

Fairouz Borno
Fairouz Borno 1 month ago
Please harry needs to do this

Mil Francesca Petero
Mil Francesca Petero 1 month ago

ashley_ _
ashley_ _ 2 months ago
“Uhh the new pink song— *sings softly* what about us” im dying

nathaly giovana
nathaly giovana 2 months ago
this reminded me of megamind

Lucía 2 months ago

Tan T
Tan T 2 months ago
The impression was decent, suited him actually xD such a cutie <3

jamie 09
jamie 09 2 months ago
200th comment! :-))

Queen Belle
Queen Belle 2 months ago
Remember when Billie bob (whatever the guy’s called) said Liam looks sad when he Liam...What about us 😂

lily asfour
lily asfour 2 months ago
Was super hoping he would say shout out to my ex!!!

Black & White
Black & White 2 months ago
So cool, Liam

Moorooa A
Moorooa A 2 months ago
The only time I will accept dabbing is when Liam does it

strawberry-kiri laudanum
I fucking love Liam

Kylie Styles-Tomlinson
Kylie Styles-Tomlinson 2 months ago
This reminds me of the interviews that One Direction did back in the day and Liam answers the same way he used too. Rip my heart

Galaxis 127
Galaxis 127 2 months ago
0:42 I thought he was gonna do 1..2..3..flick! Lol

aaliyah ukadia
aaliyah ukadia 2 months ago

Sobariah Tri
Sobariah Tri 2 months ago

Jocelyn Smith
Jocelyn Smith 2 months ago
I am part of the dab police and at 0:42 Liam committed a crime! (Dab police is from dantdm) And Liam DABED!

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