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Kaalia (2017) Tamil Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Rajinikanth, Pandiyan, Janakaraj -
Published: 3 months ago By: Action Ka Baap

By: Action Ka BaapPublished: 3 months ago

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The story describes the struggle of a young villager Kangeyan to receive justice for his brother's murder. Manickam falls in love with Mallika, the daughter of Pannaiar. Mallika's marriage is arranged with Dorai but refuses and declares her love for Mannikam. Kangeyan gets them married in the village. The priest pretends to have divine powers, kills Manickam. Kangeyan, not wanting to see Mallika as a widow, decides to her married again to Pandian, a cart driver. Dorai intervenes again and Kangeyan learns about truth behind his brother death.

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