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Beyoncé - Sandcastles -
Published: 1 year ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

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subhashinii subha
subhashinii subha 3 hours ago
The second verse got me like 😔

Tiffany Souza
Tiffany Souza 6 hours ago

Fran Gallagher
Fran Gallagher 17 hours ago
in love with this song and still am after a year

Jakobe McClendon
Jakobe McClendon 1 day ago
I hate listening to this song and watching the video but this whole video is body of work and I can't stop crying bc it's always gets me in my feelings);

Esme 2 days ago
What headphones is she using?!?!?

MSGG chat with me
MSGG chat with me 2 days ago
Thanks for posting...

MaiMaiShow 2 days ago
chills, tears, queen bey

MALIKA E 2 days ago
I just find it sad that she cudnt respect herself to walk away from a man who cheated on her for 11years just because she was desperate for that happy home 😔love the song though

Aizen Knaik
Aizen Knaik 2 days ago
This is one of my all-time favorite song by her. The other one is "I miss you" from her album '4'. Sadly both are underrated.

Bri Bri Loveee
Bri Bri Loveee 3 days ago
That raspyness is actually pretty good too

Bri Bri Loveee
Bri Bri Loveee 3 days ago

Robyn Ussery
Robyn Ussery 3 days ago
your heart is broken Cause I walked away Show me your scars And I won't walk away, Ooh And I know I promised

CASA HOME 3 days ago

Marcellolaranga Larangeira
Show, Linda Voz.

xmbeauty 3 days ago

MaiMaiShow 5 days ago
I couldn't stay...

Miss Nicky Baby
Miss Nicky Baby 5 days ago
Beyonce deserves better. Jay ain't going to change

Unicorns fart glitter Always!
Tears 😭

Ej Love Patalinghug
Ej Love Patalinghug 6 days ago
Every promise don't work out that way

Elizabeth Spain
Elizabeth Spain 6 days ago
exactly a year ago 2 days ago, and I'm still cryin'

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